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The whole chasis of a car is coated in black Epoxy Mastic 121
Epoxy Mastic 121

"In three years we couldn't find a chink in its armour...Paint edge stays as sharp as day one...80-grit could only scratch in six passes...perfect for high impact, abrasive areas" - Classics Monthly (June 2013)
Rust proofing to cavity areas between a double skinned floor using fe-123 and MIL-SPEC ASTM/3215.
Historical heritage protected by fe-123 and MIL-SPEC ASTM/3215 wax
Weld-Thru Primera fully weldable cuttable anti corrosion pre fabrication primerBResists POOO heatBpicture A weld thru in the red over phos-kleen treated steel. Red is the Weld -Thru note reduced burn back. picture B reverse of sample showing excellent penetration through the Weld thru primer
Sea going tractors protected by Epoxy Mastic 121
Pipeline storage and rust treatment using fe-123 and Mil-Spec ASTM/3215 wax. The top-right picture shows the steel substrate in original condition after 3 years coated with Mil-Spec wax.


The disc on the left is received as bright steel, within a few weeks of use this will be rusty, the disc on the right has been treated with Phos-Kleen which preserves the rust-free finish for several months.

Rustbuster Safer Rust Remover

is truely a water based, neutral rust remover; can be used over and over again. The pictures above shows the overnight effect of using Safer Rust Remover on one rusty gearbox.

Corrolan Ramsoil

A transparent soft wax based on sheeps wool extract; use as maintenance wax for all metals, alloys, rubbers and plastics. Picture above shows the look of Ramsoil afetr one years exposure on a vehicle underside.


removes salt contamination; an effective solution for prepaint wash, general maintenance and rust prevention on plant machinery, field vehicles, marine engine flush, concrete structures etc.

Epoxy Mastic 121 claims the top spot -
"Tough as day one" after enduring 3-years long term anti-rust test!

Follow test results comparison at Classics Monthly magazine Anti-rust Test Results

Cavity Protection Example

- Products -

Epoxy Mastic 121 - high-build metal armour
Custom Epoxy 421 - primer for steel, alu, GRP
Mil-Spec Wax - hard, thick, flexy
Corrolan Ramsoil - wool extract, soft universal wax
Weld Thru Primer - suits MIG, TIG, MAG
Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer - cathodic barrier
SLOSH Interior Sealant
Tankguard Exterior Coating

Prepaint Prep
AS10 Aircraft Stripper - strips paints, resin, glues...
Safer Rust Remover - non-acid, non-toxic, reusable
SP10 Degreaser - busts deep grease, carbon stain
Safer Degreaser - non-acid, non-toxic, kills odors
Phos-Kleen - metal surface phosphate preservation
Chlor-X - salt contamination surfactant

Fuel Tank Repair
SLOSH Interior Sealant
Tankguard Exterior Coating
SP10 Degreaser - cleans fuel tank
PC-7 Epoxy Repair Paste - ( Not A Putty) Bond And Repair
AS10 Aircraft Stripper - removes tank coating

Corrosion Treatment
fe-123 rust converter - high molecular & non-acid
Safer Rust Remover - non-acid, non-toxic, reusable
Phos-Kleen - metal surface phosphate preservation
SP10 Degreaser - cleans fuel tank
Safer Degreaser - degreasing and safe on materials
Chlor-X - salt contamination surfactant

Tex Wax Kit - quality light spray/injection gun

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Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association

Automechanika - Shanghai 2013

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National Geographic

Classics Monthly

• works on wire brushed, hand abraded steel surfaces
• works on slightly damp surface
• brush, spray or dip
• can be directly over coated with any paint without neutralising the surface
• low odor

fe-123 Molecular Rust Converter 1 LT A$63.36
fe-123 Molecular Rust Converter 5 x 1 LT A$275.00

1 LT Concentrated Solution
• makes 5 LT regular rust remver solution
• rapidly removes rust from ferrous metal and stainless steel
• permanent reusable
• zero acid, gentle as water to materials
• rust inhibiting
• odorless

supplied with primer, activator & thinner
• high build, high solids, ultra tough rust proofing paint
• proven durability and long life
• apply with spray, brush or roller
• can be applied over wire brush cleaned surface
• resists oils, salt water and mechanical damage

Available Colors:

  EM 1.25 LT Aluminium  A$66.87 Quantity   
  EM 1.25 LT Buff  A$66.87 Quantity   
  EM 1.25 LT Green  A$66.87 Quantity   
  EM 1.25 LT Oxide Red  A$66.87 Quantity   
  EM 1.25 LT White  A$66.87 Quantity   
  EM 2.5 LT Aluminium  A$130.22 Quantity   
  EM 2.5 LT Buff  A$130.22 Quantity   
  EM 2.5 LT Green  A$130.22 Quantity   
  EM 2.5 LT Oxide Red  A$130.22 Quantity   
  EM 2.5 LT White  A$130.22 Quantity   
  EM 5 LT Black  A$229.28 Quantity   
  EM 5 LT Grey  A$229.28 Quantity   
  EM 5 LT White  A$229.28 Quantity   

supplied with primer, activator & thinner
direct to steel, non porous epoxy auto body primer
extreme long life even in humid and fluctuating temperature environment
can be used on steel, aluminium and GRP

Available Colors:

CE 1.25 LT Grey A$70.20 Quantity   
CE 2.5 LT Grey A$126.24 Quantity   
CE 2.5 LT Oxide Red A$126.24 Quantity   
CE 6 LT Grey A$252.47 Quantity   
CE 6 LT Oxide Red A$252.47 Quantity   

5 LT  MIL-SPEC ASTM/3215 wax
• transparent rust proofing wax
• suitable for hidden cavities or open surfaces
• dip or spray application
• flexible & self-reparing
• deep penetration into steel and dirt
• use neat to maintain your metal assets


1 LT solution in plastic bottle
• for use on most vehicles
• eliminates odors from fuel, smoke, waste ...
• colorless, non-acid, non-toxic, ecological & bio-degradable
• safe on rubber, plastic, glass, chrome, carpet, leather, textile, tiles and most paints


1 LT Concentrated Solution 
• makes 5 LT regular degreaser for pre-paint prep
• rust inhibiting - prevent cleaned metal surface from flash rust
• remove extra deep grease and carbon stain


1 LT Metal Ready Phosphating Surface Prep

• wipe to remove rust and phosphate steel surface;
• passivate rust within micropores;
• preserve the finish for several months


Industrial resin remover
• full strength industrial paint stripper
• removes single or two pack paint coatings
• removes synthetic, acrylic, epoxy or polyurethane
• removes glue
• removed coating can be disposed of as dry waste

AS10 5 LT A$129.42 Quantity   

fuel tank interior sealant
• seals fuel tank interiors
• seals steel, aluminium, fiberglass (GRP) fuel tanks
• penetrating, flexible, super long life
• bonds chemically to tank surface
• not affected by current pump fuels

SLOSH 425 ML A$38.67 Quantity   
SLOSH 850 ML A$70.86 Quantity   

use with 1-to-1 mix from two components supplied
• tough coating for fuel tank exterior protection
• renews old pitted steel
• does not chip, flake or peel

Colors Available:

ET Black A$69.43 Quantity   
ET Aluminium A$69.43 Quantity   

Package includes 1 metal cup + 1 swivel spray nozzle kit + 1 injection kit + 1 brass female fitting

• Metal Cup Capacity 1.4 LT
• Working Pressure 6.0 bar
• Max Pressure 6.2 bar
• Air Inlet 1/4" Male
• Weight 1.4 KG net


3-in-1 pack 
The very best in Cathodic and Barrier protection to Blast cleaned or cleaned steel. A self repairing primer containing 93% Zinc solids bound into an epoxy resin


• fully weldable cuttable
• anti corrosion pre fabrication primer
• gives off no harmfull fumes during welding
• suitable for MIG , TIG & MAG welding

WeldThru 1.6L A$100.22 Quantity   
WeldThru 800ML A$52.44 Quantity   

Corrolan Ramsoil 1 LT with spray head
• perfect maintenance coating for all applications
• soften and rejuvenate old cavity wax coatings
• Automotive, boating, heavy marine, Battery terminals


56g tub
An Epoxy Paste ( Not A Putty) That Will Bond And Repair.....Fuel Tanks, Engine Blocks, Cast Iron, Aluminium, Wood, Glass, Plastic. Comes In pre-mixed 56g tub. This Product Has No Equal


Package includes 1 metal cup + 1 flexible cavity extension wand + 1 45 hook wand kit for low pressure systems + 1 90 hook wand kit with metal grip

• Industrial equipment
• can spray low viscosity cavity wax
• can spray high build under body wax
• up to 125 psi


• removes salt contamination on vehicles, marine vessels, marine engine, field machinery, seaside buildings
• easy to use
• does not harm materials
• 1 LT [201] makes 20 LT solution
• 1 LT [100] makes 100 LT solution

A$27.08 Quantity   
Chlor-X 100 Salt Remover A$125.35 Quantity